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PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung Took Part in PON XIX/ 2016 West Java

September 16, 2016

PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung proud to have been chosen as one of the 19th National Sports Week (PON XIX) and Paralympic National Week (Peparnas XV) 2016 West Java accommodation venue.


National Sports Week (PON) is a multi-sport event held every four years in Indonesia. The participants of this event are the athletes from all provinces of Indonesia.


PON XIX/ 2016 West Java held on September, 17 – 29, 2016. Followed by 34 contingents throughout Indonesia and played 57 games of sport. Medals were contested in PON XIX/ 2016 West Java is 756 gold, 756 silver and 979 bronze.


PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung pleased to serve the athletes and the committee of PON XIX/ 2016 West Java such as preparing healthy meals and made the room up to accommodate the athletes and PON XIX/ 2016 West Java committee.

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117 athletes consist of 60 male and 47 female of basketball teams have been enjoying PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung facilities during their stay. They had exercises and recharge with swimming in rooftop pool, jogging on PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung yard, played “Angklung” in lobby hotel, having chit-chats with friends in PARK Lounge, enjoying live music in Terrace Café and Damina Singing Room.


​The athletes came from different towns and played different kind of sport presented their sportivity and familiarity even they were competed in PON XIX/ 2016 West Java games. They came from Contingent Aceh, East Kalimantan, Bali, Jambi, West Kalimantan, Bangka Belitung Islands, and North Sulawesi.

Zumi Zola, the governor of Jambi, visited Jambi Contingent in PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung to encourage them, ahead of the opening PON XIX/ 2016  West Java, on Saturday (17/9), at PARK Lounge, PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung.


PON XIX/ 2016 West Java creates a momentum for the Indonesian athletes to foster a winning mindset and can help athletes to make even better achievements at higher levels, such as in the SEA Games, Asian Games and the Olympics.

PON XIX/ 2016 also creates positive impact on economy. Thousands of sports fans spending during PON XIX event in Bandung, West Java, have benefited the district’s economy.


PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung proud the participants of PON XIX/ 2016 West Java having encouragement to build sport and sportivity.

PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung proud for being PON XIX/ 2016 West Java hospitality server.


Go Fight Win ALL DELEGATES of PON XIX/ 2016 West Java.


Be Champion.

Be glorious in the Land of Legends.


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