Fire Safety Training And Emergency Response Program

March 07, 2017

Recently, PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung hold Fire Safety Training and Emergency Response Program together with Bandung Fire Department on March 6, 2017 in order to ensure the staff professionally trained to handle emergencies and provide evacuation procedures professionally.

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Mr. Wawan Sungkawa, Head of Training and Learning Section of Bandung Fire Department conducted the program consist of basic theory of fire, how to prevent and handle fire, along with an introduction to firefighting equipments such as fire extinguisher, fire alarm and Hydrant. More than thirty employees from various departments were selected to join that informative program and excited to learn both theory and practical.

PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung regularly holds fire drills to ensure the guests and the staff have a safe place to live and work in. To completely fulfill the objective of the training, all participants had a chance to practical case examples including evacuation in emergency situations and putting out different types of fire. The simulation was conducted by Mr. Wawan and followed by the staff using firefighting equipments.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident